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Our Municipal Engineering team works with our clients in planning, designing and constructing the critical infrastructure that keeps our communities running. Our work includes the design services for new infrastructure as well as the rehabilitation and replacement of existing facilities.

A list of our typical services has been included below.

  • Water Distribution Systems

    • Master Planning

    • Water System Design

    • Hydraulic Modelling

    • Hydraulic Flow Tests

    • Water Booster Stations


  • Wastewater Engineering

    • Trunk Sewer and Regional Sewer Master Planning

    • Wastewater Collection System Design

    • Hydraulic Modelling

    • I/I Reduction Studies

    • Wastewater Pumping Station Design

  • Stormwater Engineering

    • Storm Drainage System Design

    • Flood Remediation Studies

  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modelling

    • Stormwater Master Plans

    • Flood Limits Mapping


  • Construction Support Services

    • Tender and Construction Contract Documents

    • Construction Management Plans

    • Inspection Services

    • As-built Surveying and Record Drawings

    • Certification Packages​



Adam Sketchley
Civil Engineer, Principal


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