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DesignPoint is a professional engineering and surveying firm specializing in civil design projects, such as new land development projects, municipal engineering, stormwater design, flood studies, hydrologic and hydraulic modelling, civil engineering, legal surveys, topographical surveys, and specialized 3D laser scanning. We pride ourselves on being able to adapt to each project while developing efficient designs and finding innovative solutions. Producing creative, quality work through innovation and experience is our primary goal. We accomplish this by employing skilled people and equipping them with all the tools and training they need. 

We are a hard-working engineering & surveying firm based in Bedford, Nova Scotia. 
We work closely with our clients to make each project a success.
Glenn Woodford, P. Eng.
Senior Civil Engineer, Principal
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Glenn has been the lead senior engineer behind many innovative solutions that have resolved numerous servicing challenges. Glenn has gained experience working on many municipal engineering and land development projects throughout Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Alberta.  He has over 25 years of experience in civil and municipal engineering.

Andrew Forsythe, P. Eng.
Senior Civil Engineer, Principal
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Andrew has over 20 years of experience in municipal and civil engineering. He has been directly involved in the design of numerous municipal infrastructure projects as well as managed the design and approval of many residential, commercial, and industrial developments.  These ranged from individual commercial site developments to large scale residential communities.  Andrew previously managed a large engineering group specializing in land development, municipal infrastructure, traffic engineering, building engineering, and geotechnical engineering. 

Ellen Dalton (O'Hara), P. Eng.
Project Engineer, Principal
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Ellen joined DesignPoint in 2015 and obtained her Professional Engineer designation in 2017. As a Project Engineer, Ellen specializes in transportation design. Ellen works with the team on both public and private municipal infrastructure projects and transportation design. She is passionate about the improvement of active transportation facilities throughout the province and works to incorporate this area of education into all of the projects undertaken by DesignPoint. 

Kevin Brown, P. Eng., NSLS, PEILS
Senior Survey Engineer, Principal
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As a Senior Professional Land Surveyor and registered Professional Engineer with over 30 years experience managing survey related projects, Kevin has spent his career working on land survey and engineering projects that require geomatic expertise. Kevin also has extensive experience in the telecommunication field.   

Evan Teasdale, P. Eng.
Senior Project Engineer, Principal
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Evan has 10 years of experience in the civil engineering field. He has had extensive involvement in the design, construction, and project management of numerous municipal infrastructure projects, including residential, commercial, and industrial developments ranging from single site developments to large scale master plan communities. Evan has experience in hydraulic and hydrologic design and analysis, civil design, and structural design. Evan is also a Certified Passive House Designer through the International Passive House Association. 

Adam Sketchley, P. Eng., M.A.Sc.
Project Engineer, Principal


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Adam joined DesignPoint in 2014 and obtained his Professional Engineer designation in 2016. As a Project Engineer, Adam specializes in civil/municipal design. Adam works with the team on both private and public projects involving servicing, land development, modelling and analysis of stormwater and wastewater systems, hydraulic analysis, construction management, and project management.

Luke Sarginson, NSLS
Project Surveyor, Principal
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Luke joined DesignPoint in 2014 and obtained his Professional Land Surveying License in 2018. As a Project Surveyor, Luke has a broad range of survey experience ranging from residential surveys to large scale construction, municipal, and technical surveys. Luke is passionate about land surveying and strives to bring his innovative thinking and strong work ethic into all of the projects undertaken by DesignPoint.