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Environmental issues can arise at a property that require the help of an experienced environmental consultant. Specific site environmental liabilities can be determined by conducting site assessments to identify potential and actual contamination of soil, groundwater, surface water, sediment, and air based on current and historical land use. Management and mitigation of those environmental liabilities will limit risk to property owners, occupants, and the surrounding environment. DesignPoint is now able to provide expert assessment and advisory services for their clients on matters pertaining to the assessment and management of environmental issues.

Our Environmental services include the following:

  • Environmental Consultation

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

  • Remediation Oversight

  • Impacted Soil, Slate, and Groundwater Management

  • Tank Pull Supervision

  • Emergency Spill Response

  • Water Testing (potable, groundwater, surface water)

  • Soil, Sediment, and Air Sampling and Monitoring Services


Charlotte Clark
Environmental Engineer


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