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The DesignPoint team members have been designing land development projects for over 30 years. These developments include residential, institutional, commercial/retail, and industrial. Our land development team understands the complexities of the physical and regulator aspects of land- we know what works and what doesn’t.

Our work includes start to finish services- from the initial surveying and site analysis to the final takeover package for a project. Our projects vary in size from a small commercial building to a fully serviced 1500-acre residential subdivision to designing the roads for a wind farm that stretches over 5000 ha.​

  • Pre-Design Services

    • Legal and Topographic Surveying

    • Geotechnical Investigation

    • Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments

  • Planning & Site Analysis

    • Downstream Wastewater Capacity Studies

    • Inflow & Infiltration Reduction Studies

    • Water Modelling & Hydraulic Flow Tests

    • Flood Limits Mapping

    • Traffic Studies

  • Detailed Design

    • Site Grading Plans

    • Water System Design

    • Water Booster Stations

    • Wastewater Collection System Design

    • Wastewater Pumping Station Design

    • Stormwater Management & System Design

    • Roadway Design

    • Intersection Design

    • Parking and Amenity Space Design

    • Structural Design

    • Retaining Wall Design

    • Accessibility Review by Rick Hansen Designated Professional

  • Construction Support Services

    • Tender and Construction Contract Documents

    • Construction Management Plans

    • Inspection Services

    • Materials Testing

    • As-built Surveying and Record Drawings

    • Certification Packages


Neil Fougere
Senior Civil Engineer, Principal

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